Prohibited for delivery to Russia and Belarus due to sanctions:

  • ALL household appliances, including TVs, food processors, mixers, scales, hair dryers, etc.
  • ALL eyeglasses, including sports and sunglasses, as well as any lenses
  • ALL power and electric tools
  • Processors
  • mixing consoles and other professional equipment for similar purposes
  • camera accessories (filters, lenses, etc.)
  • Projectors
  • speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Transmitters and receivers (anything that can record and play back video and audio)
  • electric razors
  • scanners
  • construction measuring instruments (levels, rulers, etc.)
  • Diagnostic instruments (pressure, voltage, etc.)
  • ALL toys, including dolls, play sets, construction toys, etc.
  • ALL decorative and care cosmetics, including cosmetic brushes, sponges, wipes, lipstick, scrubs, hair masks, and deodorants. Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and soaps can be ordered and delivered, but baby powder cannot.
  • goods made of fur, leather, including belts, gloves, bracelets, etc. Clothing made of leather or suede also cannot be ordered and delivered, but shoes can. Synthetic leather clothing and accessories are also not allowed.
  • travel goods: sleeping bags and tents, hammocks, canopies
  • Cookware
  • watches made of precious metals, with precious stones. Watches made with diamond/sapphire glass can be shipped.
  • Any costume accessories and jewelry, even a plastic or metal bracelet for $2.
  • decorative figures and figurines made of porcelain, plastic, ceramics, wood, metal
  • Auto parts and parts for motorcycles/boats/snowmobiles, as well as any spare parts and accessories for other means of transportation
  • Any kind of bag, regardless of material, brand, or size (from travel bags and suitcases to cardholders and wallets) No, school bags are not allowed either. And you can't have a cosmetic bag either, even as a gift for your purchase.

We can deliver, but with unit cost restrictions:

  • Consoles (game consoles), including steam deck up to $2,500 per unit (VR is not allowed)
  • Apple TV and analogs costing up to $2,500 per unit
  • Nintendo docking stations up to $2,500 per unit
  • Computers (including laptops) up to $2,500 per unit
  • Hard drives, SSDs, HDDs up to $2,500 per unit
  • Video/graphic cards up to $2,500 per unit
  • Tablets and readers up to $2,500 per unit
  • Monitors costing up to $2,500 per unit
  • Printers up to $2,500 per unit
  • Modems and routers up to $2,500 per unit
  • Networking equipment up to $2,500 per unit
  • Keyboards, mice, and other input devices up to $2,500 per unit
  • Cell phones and smartphones up to $2,500 per unit
  • Capture cards external and internal costing up to $2,500 per unit
  • Digital cameras (including web cameras) up to $2,500 per unit
  • Flash drives costing up to $2,500 per unit
  • Coolers, motherboards up to $2,500 per unit
  • Clothing and shoes up to $300 per unit
  • Sporting goods, including skates, skis, boards, sleds, golf and hockey sticks, and sport accessories. Goods and equipment for any sport, including skiing, golf, hockey, diving and water sports, up to $300 per unit are allowed
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Candy, sweets, sauces, sodas, snacks, and other non-perishable foods
  • Hygiene products: soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, razors
  • Feed and vitamins for animals
  • Home textiles: bed linen, curtains, bedspreads, bed linen, pillows, blankets, etc.
  • Candles
  • Board games up to $300 per unit
  • Books
  • Strollers costing up to $300 per unit. Car seats are not allowed.
  • Musical instruments, up to $300 per unit
  • Ordinary wristwatches, without precious metals and stones, and smartwatches, up to $300 per unit, excluding Garmin
  • Paintings (art works) worth up to $300 per unit
  • Carpets, fabrics, yarn, embroidery kits worth up to $300 per unit
  • Glassware for eating and drinking, glassware for the home (vases, etc.) up to $300 per unit
  • Watch straps if they are not made of leather or precious metals for up to $300 per unit

Any permitted imported goods, provided the cost is not more than $300 per unit.

All the details of the 11th sanctions package

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via chat or in your personal cabinet.

Goods that are prohibited for shipment

Please note that some categories of goods are prohibited for international postal shipment. We recommend that you read the list of these items carefully, and if you have questions or doubts, please contact Our support team.

Important information on prohibitions and restrictions:

  • In one package there can be no more than two devices with batteries inside the device itself (laptops, phones, screwdrivers, drills, etc.) In the case of sending a set of “device + two batteries included”, only factory kits (kit) with a complete set of device + 1 main battery + 1 spare battery are allowed for shipment. It is allowed to send only one whale per package.
    Sending a factory set with a complete set of “device + 1 battery” and a separately purchased battery is prohibited.
    We do not ship batteries purchased separately, batteries (of any type) and radio-controlled models (RC) with lithium polymer batteries, as well as devices with batteries with a capacity of more than 100 watts (5.0 ah)
  • Forwarding of powerbanks is possible only if the parcel has the main device for which it is intended. Sending equipment is not possible by such services as Econ, Econ Lite.
  • We do not work with any military or close-to—military goods. This applies primarily to radios, knives, first-aid kits, gas masks, and military electronics. Anything related to the military is banned, so we will reject such items for shipment, even if they are listed as allowed in some sources.
  • Industrial goods, including industrial equipment and its various parts, controllers and control units, microcircuits, etc., are prohibited for shipment.
  • Radar equipment, radars, transmitters and receivers are prohibited.
  • All navigational equipment for ships, including sonar (« Marine» goods category), is prohibited for shipment.
  • Any navigation equipment for air transport (Avionic goods category) is prohibited for shipping.
  • Payment cards, lottery tickets, correspondence, bonds, shares, securities, etc. are prohibited.
  • Passports, ID cards are prohibited for shipping
  • Cash, currency, money orders, checks, bonds, collectible coins, jewelry, precious stones, metals, goods, or items that may not be exported from the United States (e.g., license plates) are prohibited
  • Air bags are forbidden for shipping
  • All kinds of knives, including kitchen knives, are prohibited for shipping
  • E-cigarettes, e-liquids (any), squonk boxes, and similar items are prohibited for shipment
  • According to law enforcement requirements, we are required to detain goods that are prohibited from being shipped for a minimum of 90 days. We are required to send all information to the Bureau of Industry and Security Export Enforcement and await instructions on how to proceed with these goods.
  • We can't send these items to third party addresses, we can only return them to the store.

Other goods prohibited for shipment:

  • Nail polish, eau de toilette, and alcohol-based perfumes (oil-based only)
  • Medicine (including any drugs for cold symptoms, all types of pain, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and any other pills, syrups, capsules, etc.)
  • Products containing fuel, gasoline
  • Aerosols and sprays
  • Paints, bleaches, adhesives
  • Matches, pyrotechnics
  • Drones
  • Any goods marked as flammable or combustible
  • Batteries
  • Dry Ice
  • Thermal imaging cameras, night vision cameras
  • Alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Tobacco products, smoking mixtures
  • Any types of weapons (their parts), cartridges for them (their parts), products structurally similar to civilian and service weapons (including weapons for strike ball), optical or any other types of sights
  • Any goods that relate to weapons including: pads, bags, pouches, weapon tools and products for reloading ammunition
  • Radioactive materials
  • Cultural values
  • Money, coins (including souvenirs)
  • Goods subject to rapid deterioration
  • Anti-lice collars and sprays
  • Plants in any form and condition, plant seeds, fertilizers
  • Precious stones in any form or condition, natural diamonds, except jewelry
  • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including in the form of medicines
  • Bows, Crossbows
  • Server equipment and components for crypto currency mining
  • Other goods prohibited for shipping in accordance with the acts of the Universal Postal Union and the customs legislation of the Customs Union

Each postal service may have its own (additional) limitations. You can read about them in the FAQ sections Of these services.

If you have any questions about the possibility of sending any items, before making a purchase decision we recommend that you contact our Customer support service where you can always get qualified help.

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