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How to buy
in the USA on Amazon with a mail forwarder
You will seriously save on shipping if you choose delivery through the American warehouse of a mail forwarder
How to shop on Amazon from your home country right?
Not all products on Amazon are delivered outside the U.S., but this is not a problem. With a mail forwarder service from America - Prostobox - you can buy at American prices and not pay huge amounts for Amazon's own delivery service.
Purchases arrive at the warehouse
and appear in your personal account on our website. You prepare the parcel for shipping and indicate your home address
Ebay.com USA официальный сайт правильная регистрация для покупки из России, Украины, Германии, Казахстана, Узбекистана, Киргизии, Беларуси, Армении, Азербайджана.
How to buy online
in the USA?
It's SIMPLE with Prostobox!
Ебей США выкуп и доставка товаров в Москву, Санкт-Петербург, Киев, Бишкек, Баку, Ереван, Минск.
Получить адрес для покупок на Ибей США из России и Украины.
Prostobox has a modern and spacious warehouse in New Castle, Delaware - a 100% tax-free state of the U.S.
Orders arrive at the warehouse
and are viewed in your personal account on our website. Then you simply create a parcel and indicate your home address
We send them to you
at the best value and blazing fast (parcels arrive to you from only 2 days).
Pick them up at your nearest post office.
Ebay.com заказ и доставка товаров и услуг от 3,99$ в Москву и Санкт-Петербург.
7 reasons to shop Amazon with Prostobox
Sometimes there are difficulties with the courier service

Great discounts and prices for goods are
available only to U.S. buyers only
You can combine several parcels into one

After all, it is often much more beneficial to send several parcels in one box than one at a time. This service is free with Prostobox!
FREE balance top-up on our website from $10

You will not pay a single extra penny (when paying for delivery) on the Prostobox website
Friendly 24/7 Customer support service
You can ask all related to delivery questions our Prostobox operators through tickets from your personal accounts
We make packaging lighter by removing everything unnecessary

We remove excess packaging, shoe boxes and printed advertising leaflets, so that the parcel weighs as little as possible and you save big on delivery
Goods will be delivered faster

With Prostobox, you will receive your order within 3 to 10 days after it is shipped from our US warehouse
Discounts and bonuses for Americans only

Great discounts and prices for goods are
available only to U.S. buyers only
How to register on Amazon
In the upper right corner of the page, hover over "Hello. Sign In Your Account. In the menu that appears, click on the link "Start here"
Fill out the form
On the page that opens, enter your Email, write your name, confirm your Email, enter your phone number and come up with a password to enter your Amazon account.
You are registered!
You are registered!
How to add a Prostobox address on Amazon
Shipping address - the address where your parcels will be delivered. If you use Prostobox - your shipping address is the address of the Prostobox warehouse in Delaware.

Billing address - your home country address, which you reported to the bank when you issued your card.
Adding a shipping address
Shipping address - this is your address in America that you receive after registering on the prostobox.com website.

Go to the Amazon website, to your account page and click on Your Addresses.

Next, click Add Address, and enter your shipping address here.
Adding a debit/credit card
Go from your account page to the Payment options page,
ill in the details of your payment card, and click the Continue button.
Adding Billing address
After you click the Continue button, you will see a page with a Billing address form.
This is the address that you gave the bank when you issued your card.
Most likely, this is your home address, written in English letters.
Your account is now set up for shopping on Amazon, America's largest and most valuable online store!
5 ways to save on Amazon
What to buy on Amazon?
On Amazon, you can buy in the official online stores of brands. And there are exclusive products from brands only for Amazon.
Funko POP! vinyl figures
Funko Pop! brand releases some of its figures exclusively for Amazon. You will find them in the EXCLUSIVES section.

The collection of figures is huge - you will find any treasured hero figure.
New Balance - the official store of the brand
New Balance sneakers can be bought here from just $24.
Apple gadgets - official brand store
You can save big on Apple by purchasing their gadgets in the USA.

Useful life hack: on Amazon you can buy unlocked iPhones refurbished by Amazon at bargain prices. Look out for the inscriptions Renewed and Fully Unlocked.
Gadgets by Garmin, Bose, Samsung, Beats and others
With big discounts. Also, all new releases and gadgets are the first to appear on Amazon + you can pre-order new devices and get them first.
Branded clothes and footwear
Amazon has official stores for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and many others.
L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and other toys
L.O.L. Surprise! dolls in America cost up to 3 times cheaper than abroad. Buy original dolls in the official store of the brand on Amazon
Children's clothes and shoes
Amazon has a ton of brands of children's clothing: Carter's, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armor at very low prices.
Shopping with Prostobox buyers!
Professional buyers will help you with shopping in the USA! Sometimes eBay blocks accounts with overseas IP addresses. But it's not a problem! Now you can buy in those stores that do not accept foreign cards, or simply entrust our buyers with purchases in American stores.
Shopping with Prostobox buyers!
Our buyers enjoy all the benefits of an Amazon Prime subscription. Delivery to the warehouse will be free. And on Amazon Prime Day (their own Black Friday on Amazon) - millions of products with huge discounts are waiting for you!
Cost of service
from 10% off order, but no less than $10
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