Order with a Prostobox buyer
Just send a link to the products you are interested in, and our buyers will purchase everything and arrange delivery to our warehouse in Delaware.
Prostobox buyers
When you may need the help of our BUYER:
If you
don't want to purchase yourself
in the U.S. online stores
If you wish to order a product from a store, where
it is impossible to buy without having an American credit card
if the U.S. store
does not ship to the addresses of mail forwarders
Our buyers will help you shop in the USA
They have both the cards and special additional addresses in order to buy goods even in those stores that do not deliver to mail forwarders' warehouses, such as Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Coach.
Order with a Prostobox buyer
How to place an order through Prostobox BUYERS?
Choose a product
In an American online store and send a link to it to Prostobox buyers
In addition to the link, it is important to indicate the name of the product, size and other relevant information. That way the buyer does not ask you any extra questions while placing your order at the store
Buyer accepts the order and redeems the goods
Using an American credit card and, if necessary, additional American addresses, if the store does not deliver to the addresses of intermediaries
Sends order
And a few days after placement, it arrives at the Prostobox warehouse
You pay for shipping and the package flies your way for delivery
Buyer can fill out a declaration for you, and if the parcel exceeds the customs duty threshold, you can pay the duty along with the payment for delivery by Prostobox.
Order with a Prostobox buyer
Prostobox's buyers have completed a special training course and understand American shopping better than any third-party buyer
Buyers speak fluent English and can both correspond and call stores
Buyers know how to buy on eBay auctions
Prostobox takes full responsibility for the quality of the buyer's work and we take upon ourselves any possible mistakes
Buyers redeem goods using American credit cards
Buyers check your goods when they arrive at the warehouse. So you definitely get what you want!
In order to avoid any mistakes and overlaps, work with the buyer is carried out only through the Prostobox personal account
Buyers have several additional US addresses at their disposal to order from capricious stores
Buyers can complete the declaration for you. This service only costs $5 and saves a lot of time!
There are several buyers and they redeem orders 24/7. This is crucial for sale events, such as Black Friday
Buyers are aware of store discounts and apply them to orders
Why do we recommend buying with the Prostobox BUYERS?
Order with a Prostobox buyer
Is there a fee for shopping with Prostobox BUYERS?
For most stores, excluding blacklisted stores and if you don't have a valid redemption code
10% of the order value
but not less than $10
Standard tariff
For stores with a complex system of redemption, which usually do not deliver to the addresses of intermediaries. Codes don't apply.
15% of the order value
but not less than $15
VIP tariff
Look for a free redemption code in our social networks. New stores are popping up all the time!
Free with a code
Order with a Prostobox buyer
To buy in these stores, buyers are forced to resort to various tricks, due to which Prostobox incurs additional costs. Therefore, there can be no free redemption with a promotional code from such stores.
List of shops,
in which purchase is available only with the VIP tariff
Order with a Prostobox buyer
The cost of the buyer's services is 10% of the order value, but not less than 10 US dollars. The cost of services for capricious stores is 15% of the order value, but not less than 15 US dollars.
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