Ebay.com официальный сайт-партнер на выкуп и доставку заказа в Россию, Украину, Израиль, Германию, Казахстан, Армению, Азербайджан, Узбекистан, Киргизию.
Доставка из США товаров и посылок с товарами.
Официальный сайт eBay.com USA выкуп и доставка заказов в Москву, Киев, Берлин, Бишкек, Акмолу, Павлодар, Санкт-Петербург.
How to shop
on eBay in the US with mail forwarding
Save on delivery and shop for original brands from the U.S. up to 2-3 times cheaper than in your country
How to properly shop on eBay from your country
Not all eBay sellers ship their products outside the U.S., but that's not a problem. With Prostobox - your personal delivery service from the US - you can easily shop at American prices.
Find goods
We send them to you
Orders arrive at the warehouse
on eBay and use your personal US address, provided to you by Prostobox
at the best value and blazing fast (parcels arrive to you from only 2 days).
Pick them up at your nearest post office.
and are viewed in your personal account on our website. Then you simply create a parcel and indicate your home address
Ebay.com USA официальный сайт правильная регистрация для покупки из России, Украины, Германии, Казахстана, Узбекистана, Киргизии, Беларуси, Армении, Азербайджана.
How do orders from the US get to me?
Shop online in the US. It's super easy with Prostobox
Ебей США выкуп и доставка товаров в Москву, Санкт-Петербург, Киев, Бишкек, Баку, Ереван, Минск.
Ebay.com заказ и доставка товаров и услуг от 3,99$ в Москву и Санкт-Петербург.
Получить адрес для покупок на Ибей США из России и Украины.
Prostobox has its own warehouse on US soil in the tax-free state of Delaware
8 reasons
However, if you were to order yourself; that is, directly to your own address, you would most likely pay a lot more. Shipping via Prostobox will save you up 2-3 times the amount you'd be charged with direct shipment methods provided by eBay.
By getting a free U.S. address with Prostobox, you could receive free eBay delivery to our warehouse.
You'll save on shipping
That is beacuse most of them simply do not ship outside the U.S., and operate domestically. To get around these limitations a mail forwarder - like Prostobox - is of great assistance to you!
All sellers will be available to you
Standard eBay shipping outside the U.S. generally exceeds 30 days.
With Prostobox, you will receive your order in 7-10 days after it is shipped from our U.S. warehouse.
Goods will get to you faster
Prostobox warehouse is located in the 100% tax-free state of Delaware. You won't pay ANY American taxes...legally!

You will avoid US taxes
Save more on shipping multiple goods from different stores in one parcel. Order from various stores, collect all packages upon arrival at the warehouse, and consolidate them into one parcel. This option is completely free with Prostobox.
You can consolidate multiple parcels into one
We remove any extra and unwanted packaging, shoe boxes, and marketing materials in order for your package to weigh and cost less.
We make parcels lighter by removing the unnecessary
why you need to shop on eBay with Prostobox
You won't pay an extra cent (for shipping) at the Prostobox website
Top up your balance for free from $10
Американский Ebay USA покупка и доставка из категории одежды и обуви в Московскую область и Москву.
When you register on eBay from outside the U.S., you will likely to miss out on a lot of great offers and value-oriented sellers.
Ask anything about your parcels and delivery through online chat and tickets on our website
Friendly Customer Service 24/7
Register on eBay
Visit eBay and press the "Register" link at the top-left corner. A registration form will pop up for you to fill out. All info needs to be entered in English.
How to register on eBay?
Ebay.com регистрация на американском сайте billing и shipping adress ebay USA.
Profile information
Now you'll need to fill out your profile/account information. Enter your account through the "My eBay" tab at the top-right corner and select "Summary".
Add address
in the "Addresses" tab, you need to add your Registration Address and a Primary Shipping Address.

Registration Address - your personal, actual address of residence. Enter it correctly, since it will be used as the contact address by eBay.

Primary Shipping Address - your main address for receiving your orders and packages. In this case, use the warehouse address in Delaware provided to you by Prostobox.

Press "Create" and start filling them out. Remember, you need to enter each field in English.
Ибей американский официальный сайт категории товаров с доставкой в Москву, Киев, Берлин, Минск, Баку, Ереван, Бишкек.
Инструкция как сделать заказ на официальном сайте ebay.com США.
All set!
Congratulations, you're ready to shop in the US!
Регистрация на американском ебей для клиентов из России, Украины, Беларуси, Германии, Казахстана, Киргизии, Узбекистана, Армении, Азербайджана.
Auction -
is what eBay is famous for. Buy goods by bidding your price.
60 million
5 million
products on eBay
sellers on eBay
is the easiest way to get your desired purchase on eBay
Ebay.com категория ноутбуки и лептопы для клиентов из Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга заказ и прямая доставка за 3,99$.
Auctions with a "Buy It Now" option
Auctions at reserved prices with a "Buy It Now" option
"Buy It Now" price (no auction format applicable)
List of options
Top advice on how to buy on eBay
Советы как покупать на американском ebay из России и Украины напрямую.
Seller ratings
Preferably, purchase from "Top Rated Sellers" - respectable and experienced, they won't try to con you. They make profits on volumes sold and don't chase short-term incomes.
Read Seller ratings. Try to find reviews on the exact goods you want to purchase. Since a lot of goods that are bought and purchased on eBay have been previously used, look for recent ratings.
For your very first eBay purchase, try the "Buy It Now" option, and then move to the auction part of the process.
Review photos of goods
Don't delay your purchase
For your first order, try the "Buy It Now" option, and only afterwards, enter auctions.
If you see products with your size at a lower price, be quick to buy it. All "tasty" offers don't last long on eBay.
Official brand name stores on eBay
Not many customers know that they can officially purchase brand names on eBay. For example, one the most popular stores - Joe's New Balance Outlet -- does not accept non-American debit/credit cards at its online store. But the store has its own official page on eBay.

Scroll down to find links to other popular brand name stores on eBay.
Ebay USA JoesNewBalance Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Puma Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Reebok Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Bose Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Backcountry Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Crocs Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Hasbro Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA BestBuy Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA Newegg Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Ebay USA ASICS Outlet официальный магазина на американском ебее.
Shopping with Prostobox buyers
Professional buyers will help you shop in the USA. Sometimes, eBay blocks accounts with IP addresses that are outside of the U.S. Ain't no problem! Now you're able to shop in stores that don't accept your plastic cards or trust our buyers with your U.S. shopping.
Don't sweat and waste time registering on different online stores' websites! Simply send us a link with your desired product and we'll buy it for you!
The price for shopping
Ebay USA выкуп лотов с американского официального сайта в Москву и Санкт-Петербург по цене от 10 долларов с бесплатной доставкой до склада.
with buyers is 10% of your order, no less than $10
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