Popular online beauty stores in the U.S.

It is a famous American decorative cosmetics brand. Distinguished by its bright colors and unusual package design. Hard to find outside North America and Europe.
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The famous American brand of luxury cosmetics. IA lot more affordable in the USA. All the cosmetics are suitable for a certain skin type and contain no harmful ingredients.
An expensive brand of decorative cosmetics.Tons of variations of shades, lipstick colors and more. All the latest collections can be found on brand's U.S. website
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A young brand, founded in 2014, offering decorative cosmetics and skin care cosmetics. All cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and interesting packaging.
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Founded by the popular singer Rihanna. The collection contains mostly decorative cosmetics in the form of highlighters and foundations. There are original items in the series of special bath bomb.
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A huge stock store of cosmetics, where you can find all kinds of brands: from luxury to more affordable Korean cosmetics options. There are also makeup brushes and other beauty instruments.
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